Alex Kiefer

Alex Kiefer aka Ringel

Producer, Label Manager, DJ, Remixer and Event ManagerAlex Kiefer
was born 1983 in the south of germany.
2002 he moved to berlin and began producing electronical music.
His track “Trooper” was released on a compilation with Extrawelt, Angy Kore,…
EPs like “Der Grashüpfer”, he released on his own label “code2 records”,
that he started in 2008 and became one of the worlds best known underground label.

Since 2009 he is resident at Morlox Club [berlin], where he developed his style from tech house to deep house with nu disco influences constantly, and organizes the monthly event
“Knutschen”. In 2012 another event called “Dididadada?” was added, also monthly.
Since 2011 he is playing in clubs all over the world with, focusing berlin clubs, such as
Morlox Club, Sisyphos, Tresor, Nouveau Casino, Golden Gate, Brunnen 70, Rosis, Prinzenbar, Batofar,…
where he plays with acts like DJ Hell, Nadja Lind, Ewan Pearson, Sven Dohse, Turmspringer, Kotelett & Zadak, Nihil Young, Alle Farben, David Keno,…

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gigs 2015

19.12 Plutonium [Straßkirchen]
22.10 Wilde Renate [Berlin]
10.10 TechnoDisko [Wetzlar]
03.10 Kantine [Augsburg]
26.09 tba [Sardinien]
19.09 K:PAX Open Air [Berlin]
05.09 Plutonium [Straßkirchen]
15.08 Czar Hagestolz [Berlin]
01.08 K:PAX Open Air [Berlin]
25.07 Rosi´s [Berlin]
24.07 Weißer Hase [Berlin]
11.07 Beate Uwe [Berlin]
05.07 Suicide Circus [Berlin]
27.06 Pappafico [Como]
24.06 Open Air [Paris]
21.06 Fleche d´or [Paris]
20.06 Kesselhaus [Berlin]
19.06 Bataclan [Paris]
14.06 Suicide Circus [Berlin]
23.05 K:Pax Open Air [Berlin]
13.05 KitKat [Berlin]
02.05 Fiesere Miese [Berlin]
25.04 tba [Jüchsen]
24.04 Plutonium [Straßkirchen]
23.04 Wilde Renate [Berlin]
19.04 K:Pax Open Air [Berlin]
21.03 Gotec [Karlsruhe]
08.03 Rummels Bucht [Berlin]
07.03 Zwischenraum [Rostock]
21.02 Fiesere Miese [Berlin]
14.02 Technodisko [Wetzlar]
07.02 Plutonium [Straßkirchen]
31.01 Rummels Bucht [Berlin]
30.01 Nachbeben [Berlin]
24.01 Mantra Club [Genua]
10.01 Spirograph [Berlin] CLOSING PARTY
09.01 Fiesere Miese [Berlin]

gigs 2014

31.12 Loftus Hall [Berlin]
14.12 Rhythm Factory [London]
13.12 The Core [London]
12.12 Loftus Hall [Berlin]
05.12 Spirograph (aka MIKZ) [Berlin]
22.11 La Poudrière [Belfort]
07.11 Spirograph (aka MIKZ) [Berlin]
01.11 Czar Hagestolz [Berlin]
25.10 Zwischenraum [Rostock]
25.10 Fiesere Miese [Berlin]
17.10 Docks [Hamburg]
17.10 Spirograph (aka MIKZ) [Berlin]
12.10 Pigallion [Paris]
11.10 OPA [Paris]
27.09 MIKZ [Berlin]
26.09 Kosmonaut [Berlin]
19.09 Ostbahnhof [Bielefeld]
13.09 Borderline [Basel]
30.08 Lago Blu [Turin]
29.08 Pappafico [Mailand]
23.08 Fiesere Miese [Berlin]
16.08 Kiki Blofeld Open Air [Berlin]
15.08 Kurhotel [Hamburg]
10.08 Ipse Open Air [Berlin]
02.08 MIKZ [Berlin]
19.07 Rummels Bucht [Berlin]
13.07 Open Air [Oschersleben]
12.07 Kpax [Berlin]
03.07 Crack Bellmer [Berlin]
28.06 Agenten Open Air [Berlin]
20.06 Cosmic Kaspar [Berlin]
13.06 Maki [Ingolstadt]
07.06 Kpax [Berlin]
31.05 XиWhy Open Air [Berlin]
29.05 Kpax [Berlin]
27.05 Crack Bellmer [Berlin]
24.05 Räucherhaus [Kiel]
18.05 Kube [Paris]
17.05 Glazart [Paris]
10.05 OPA [Paris]
03.05 Klub Der Republik [Berlin]
01.05 Ach&Krach Open Air [Berlin]
27.04 Baalsaal [Hamburg]
24.04 Mein Haus Am See [Berlin]
20.04 Agenten Open Air [Berlin]
20.04 Freudenzimmer [Berlin]
18.04 Kosmonaut [Berlin]
11.04 Täubchenthal [Leipzig]
04.04 Klub Der Republik [Berlin]
29.03 Kosmonaut [Berlin]
22.03 tba Open Air [Berlin]
08.03 Bogen2 [Köln]
01.03 Manhatten [Brandenburg]
28.02 Wasserschaden [Hamburg]
21.02 Brunnen70 [Berlin]
16.02 Golden Gate [Berlin]
15.02 Gotec [Karlsruhe]
13.02 Tresor [Berlin]
17.01 Horse & Groom [London]